Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Date night!

I don't know where time is going - the boys are 11 months tomorrow (wowowow - I barely remember 11 hours), and the days are flying with early wakeups and play time > work > play time > work > do it all again (with a bit of sleep somewhere in there).  The other day Matt and I were walking to work (I to work, Matt to our dentist in Union Square), and we were talking about "fun."  What did we used to do for fun?  Now driving a toy car across the carpet is oodles of enjoyment.  Playing in a field is a blast.  But what's our fun?

Insert, date night.

Friday Paloma (our angel - aka nanny) came late to watch the boys and we hit the town.

First, there was Beach Blanket Babylon, the longest running musical theater in history (!)

Then we cruised around the North Beach China town border (and took in a live ... concert)

Then up to Coit Tower

And finally home to kiss our sleeping boys good night.

Now that was fun!

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