Friday, June 18, 2010

A funny thing happened at the gym ... I was happy without a stress in the world

Today was a crazy day at work.  Crazy.  That's a good thing - I'm lucky in that I get to work with great people at a great company that's actually doing well.  It's a bad thing, too, though because the hours tend to go by too quickly thus leaving me to work after the boys go to bed (aka now, 8:15pm on a Friday - sh, I'm playing hookie on my blog for a minute) and on weekends during the boys' naps.

During all the craziness, I decided I needed to hit the gym.  When you gotta go, you gotta go - besides it's a thousand times better than a cigarette, and I swear I work better after I sweat.  So off to spin class I went (first spin after having the boys!) 

At the start of the class the teacher said, "do what makes you happy.  Do what makes you feel good."  Awesome.

The end of the class was a little off ohm for me - the teacher was telling us to "relax our faces as cycling isn't about stressing the face" and then asked who attended the botox seminar over the weekend.  Ah San Francisco gyms - always delivering isms, love it.

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