Thursday, June 3, 2010

The housewives of San Francisco

During the week I workout at lunch (because from 5-6:30pm the only thing I want to do is "hang" with the boys and after 6:30 I'm so wiped I just want to eat dinner ... and get back to work).  I used to go to the Crunch Fitness by the Gap headquarters - workouts were always surrounded by late 20-30 something fashionistas with a mellow tude.  We moved offices Monday to near Union Square so my new Crunch is by the Academy of Art - workouts are surrounded by wounded souls and deep ... something. 

Today I decided to try a new shi shi gym - The Sports Club LA.  First of all LOVE IT!  Great equipment, 100k+ feet of workout zone, clean, ... I could go on and on.  The only thing I don't like so much?  The people.

In the locker-room, here's a convo snippit:
Blond in Pucci: "My children are driving me crazy"
Blond in towel and designer flips: "Mine too"
Brunette: "I got in such a big fight with my daughter, I said 'you get yourself home from school this week.  I'm not picking you up - you figure it out.'"
Blond: "It's just so exhausting"
Brunette: "Yeah, I need a break"

Seriously?  Maybe I missed something ... the hidden cameras?  I will say, I never every want to be a righteous mom/woman/marketer - nothing!  That said, seriously?