Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I scream for ... sunscreen?...

OK, I don't really, but now that summer has officially hit it's time to be more cautious than ever with the boys outside.  San Francisco has been enjoying some great weather recently and, with that, we've been enjoying a lot of time in the back yard, at the playground, and just walking around with the boys.  We've also been spending a lot of time slathering their bald little white heads with sunscreen.

Here's the thing, I try to only put the best in the boys' bodies (I make (or our amazing nanny Paloma makes) 90% of their food with organic fresh ingredients).  On and around the boys, we only use Dreft on the boys' clothes, and organic house cleaning products.  ... well, you get the idea.  Why should what we put on the boys' skin be any different?

Insert, the great sunscreen search.  I've tried a few sunscreens - there's the organic one that looks like white paste and goes on just as easily (and off - and my goodness white paste-ish stuff is hard to get off!).  There's the fruity smelling kind whose ingredients I can't pronounce.  And then there's California Baby - my newest acquisition as of 9:15pm this evening after checking out this sunscreen rating guide.

Why non-toxic (besides it just sounding "right")?  According to this article, vitamin A in sunscreen can cause cancer.  Yikes!  That is one thing I will not mess with.


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