Monday, July 5, 2010

Rave run: planks

The run club I "roll" with (GGRC) meets up Sundays at 10am at the Warming Hut near Chrissy Field.  Typically we break off by speed and by distance we want to go, but there are a handful of "norm" runs (including: planks, saddle, lands end, and Ft. Mason).  Planks is one of my all time favorites, and I really enjoyed pushing hard on the planks run this weekend.

Here are the planks highlights:
  • Start at the Warming Hut
  • Weave up and under the Golden Gate bridge
  • Run along the water past old army barracks all on dirt trails
  • This weekend we added the stairs (a set of about 250 stairs that go down to Baker Beach and back up again)
  • Sharp left at Seacliff back into the Presido over the planks (there's literally a plank trail through the woods)
  • Up around the golf course
  • Through the Presidio proper (the bowling ally, old houses, and Lucasfilm)
  • Back along Chrissy Field and the water to the Warming Hut
I wound up running with Pete the entire way as we chatted about work, kids, training, and pacing (something I'm terrible at).  The last mile was pushing directly against the wind so talk turned into a couple cuss words and silence pushing through the wind. 

The end of the run felt awesome!  Totally exhausted and enjoying the sun now peaking through SF's cloud bank.

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