Monday, July 5, 2010

What an amazing weekend

Being 4th of July weekend, this was a 3-day weekend - and it was great!  (and exhausting).  Saturday my mom threw a birthday party for the boys (their real birthday is next week, but we'll be in Santa Fe at my best friend's wedding).  The party was SO much fun!  Good friends came from all over, Matt's parents came up, and the boys got to blow out the cake with my grandpa who just turned 90. 

The boys also enjoyed their first bite of cake with Maceo and Levon, their twin friends who are just a few weeks younger, and my co-worker Veronica and her fiance who are expecting baby Max in 6 short weeks.  Here you see Cole managed to grab someone's entire piece of cake and try to put the whole thing in his mouth before getting caught.

After cake the boys enjoyed some splash time in our faux pool (a plastic boat).

Sunday morning Matt's parents watched the boys while Matt went for some hard indoor rock climbing and I enjoyed a run with GGRC around the Presidio.  Post workout we met up with the rents again for impromptu picnic lunch and play time with the boys.

Last night, after Matt's parents went back to their hotel and the boys went down to bed, we snuck up to the roof to watch the fireworks (being in North Beach we have the best view with fireworks in Marin, over the Golden Gate bridge, and over the Oakland bridge.

Today was a welcome 3rd day off work.  Matt's parents came over in the morning for breakfast and then hit the road to get back to San Diego.  We walked around North Beach and then played in the back yard until Paloma came. We also worked quite a bit on Coley's crawling (it seems he's totally down to get across the house for a musical instrument, but that's about it), and we worked a lot on getting the boys to drink out of sippy cups instead of bottles.

At 4 Paloma came over so Matt and I could do date afternoon.  For date afternoon., we tried to shake things up a bit with Bikram yoga and then dinner.  My goodness Bikram yoga nearly killed us both - 90-minutes in 111 degree heat (my eyes were on the thermostat) of poses and sweat - yeesh!  We enjoyed our Italian dinner more than ever tonight.

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