Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Potty talk

Well we had quite a sh*@@y first this evening ... the boys have both decided they LOVE the toilet.  Wilson runs and knocks on the bathroom door so that he can eventually climb up onto the toilet.  During bath time Cole points to the toilet smiling and waving. 

Over the past few days Wilson has had a pattern of grunt, run to the bathroom, and ask to climb on the toilet.  I've been helping him ... sit pants down to practice (although it's usually moments after he goes).  Tonight Wilson did his routine, then it was Cole's turn.  Cole grunted, ran to the toilet, and started pulling at his diaper.  Being helpful mommy, I helped him de-diaper and prepared to sit him on the toilet ... only then did I discover Cole has a whopper IN his diaper which in the process of swinging him up to the toilet landed all over my leg.  Worse still, Cole freaked when his diaper flew off and jetted his legs backward and down ... into the toilet. 

Oh boy.  Oh boys!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Toddler talk

The boys are very vocal now pointing and talking about everything.  Anytime we're in public they're saying "hi" to all passers by and if the person doesn't respond the boys keep shouting "hi" until the person waves or smiles or both.  My favorite is their "words" for known objects.  Here are some other terms:
  • Bicycle - ah-hole
  • Moon - mooooooo
  • Good night - nigh nigh
  • Mom - mymama
  • Dad - mydada
  • Brother - uh-her (while pointing)
  • Belly - elly (while pointing)
  • Nose - nooo 
  • Ears - eaa
  • Teeth - eeth
  • Bus - BUBUBUBU (they LOVE buses) 
 They're full of words and this is just a short list.  I love hearing my little smarties talk and they love discovering how to talk.  Their favorite book is a book with pictures of animals and shapes and they often sit and "read" the book pointing at the pictures and explaining what's in them.  They've also started talking quite a bit with each other.  In fact, when one is sleeping the other can't wait for him to wake up so they can chat - the thing is they're tricksters.  This morning Wilson was still fast asleep and Cole was up and ready to play.  Cole kept going to the bedroom door saying "nigh nigh" and as soon as he got into the bedroom he started rattling Wilson's bed saying "uh-her" in an effort to get Wilson up to play and chat. 

Twoddler talk.  It's the best.

Playing catch up

It has been a ridiculously busy few weeks. Between teaching online, my "day job" (really my 60+ hours a week job) launching a new store, and our boys deciding they're full fledged toddlers with fits and wanting to do everything their way (which is good ... just tests the patience) there's been a lot going on.  Here's the quick catch up:
Last weekend I competed in the RainMan Tri.  I placed 50th overall out of 284 and 10th female out of 171.  I also learned I need to practice swimming!  It's been nearly two years since I've been in a pool for laps (vs. baby swim class) and that just doesn't cut it.  The Tri was very short - it was a 30-min swim in an in-door pool, a 30-min bike on a trainer in-doors, and a 2.97 mile swim.  My kind of tri!
The week was workworkwork and we wound up pushing a new store live at 4am on Tuesday morning - I know because I was awake and working on it from Sunday after the race almost straight through to that minute.  And I'm quite proud of the site - as a customer and a marketer, it feels good to see it up there.

Last weekend Jamie stayed over which was AWESOME!  We went to a wine bar for a girl's night and caught up on life, travels, dreams, and goals.  Saturday morning Jamie, Matt and I packed up the boys and took the ferry over to Bainbridge Island where we tried to take in a nice brunch.  Just a few minutes into the brunch the boys decided it was time to go for a run so I did laps out in front of the restaurant while Jamie and Matt speedily ate. 

We then explored the island a bit before hopping in the car to catch the 11am ferry (can't mess with nap time which is at noon, so we didn't have a ton of time to explore). 

Monday, March 14, 2011

My little star

Hands down - this is the new race song:

American Idol - watch out!

Weekend Roundup: family, friends, and fun

What a terrific weekend!  Things are getting nutty at work, but family and friends provided great stress relieving breaks.  On Thursday we met up with our friend Lisa and her 2-year old Lila and new son Andrew for dinner.  We went to a restaurant called Tuta Bella which is a great Italian place in Seattle - there always seem to be more kids than adults which is quite refreshing when two energy filled toddlers are in tow. 

Friday my mom came to town and we enjoyed just "hanging" around the house with the boys.  The boys absolutely love their grandma and couldn't get enough pointing at things out the window and playing outside. 

Saturday we went to an amazing Dim Sum restaurant in Bellevue called Din Tai Fung with my cousin Rebecca, her wonderful husband John, and their kids Charlotte and John IV.  We had a ton of fun and it was definitely a juggling act trying to keep the dumplings away from the boys so they didn't pelt them across the restaurant.  Wilson had a fan group with the waitresses who kept coming over to say hi and play with him.  Such a ladies man!

Sunday we ventured out in the rain to Farmer's Market (a Sunday must) and later to play in the puddles.

All in all, a great weekend.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Race report: Lord Hill 10 mile

Yesterday I dusted off my trail running shoes and did my first trail race of the season ... and it was AWESOME!  I was on the fence about doing the race because I wonked my tailbone a few weeks ago slipping in the ice (heels + carrying a toddler + icy downhill sidewalk = major pain).  But I'm not one to pay for a race and not show up, so to the starting line I went.

The Lord Hills 10 mile was tough - it had a hefty 1,700 climb and mud galore.

So I'll skip to the finish - I came in 3rd overall, 1st female, and based on the preliminary race results, I have the new course record - WOOHOO!!!  The race has only been held once before, but I now have the course record by about 17min.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

We we we all the way home

Walking to a race start line (race report to come) I started chatting with another runner about running and Seattle.  He asked where I lived and I replied with "we live in Wallingford." and continued with another 10-20 "we-s."  It's funny, in Spanish, there are different words / phrases for asking how are "you" where the asker can denote "you" as a plural or a singular ("usted" and "ustedes").  Even in the South it seems there are different phrases - like "y'all" and "all y'all."  But for those of us with the 1 phrase, "I" vs. "we" becomes a reaction to ... what?  I don't know, but I kind of like being a "we."