Thursday, May 3, 2012

Shoe report: Brooks Cascadia

About a month ago I bought new trail shoes as my tried and true Asics were buried somewhere in our moving mess.  I landed on the Brooks Cascadia

All in, not a huge fan.  Here's why ... for trail shoes these are really slick.  Not the "wow, those look rad" kind of slick (even though they do indeed look rad) but the "oh my gosh I hope I never step on a wet rock" kind of slick.  They're slippy and don't feel like they can grab a trail let alone a wet cement hill (of which there are many in Seattle). Also, while the laces have a cool slanty angle (adding to the rad look), they don't really wrap the foot in a way that makes the shoes feel supportive to run in.  Instead I wind up either tying them too tight or too lose and never really feeling good support.

I think I'll go back to my Asica with my next big shoe purchase.  Bummer, I wanted to support a Seattle store (Brooks are located here).  Maybe for something else or maybe a road shoe.

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