Thursday, May 3, 2012

Taylor Twins Toddlering

They look so sweet ... and they are definitely two.  I've heard the saying "terrible twos" for years and different images always come to mind - screaming, monsters rumpusing (ala Wild Things), messes.  It's all true.  And then there's the poop.  We're in the tail end of potty training (for which Matt did most of the work) but unfortunately we still get the occasional pot of gold on the floor in the boys' room.  I think it's their way of showing us "if you don't let us stay up later, here's what we'll do," or something.  But they always look so sweet...
On the flip side, though, the boys are amazing.  They're talking all the time now and we're all having real conversations.  Conversations about the bear statue up the hill, and about the cool ants out front, or the ladybug they saw in the window.   The important stuff - really.  They notice everything and make us notice it too and it's pretty awesome.

The twos are tough, but also pretty friggin great.

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