Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Weekend Roundup

This is a bit belated but it's been nutty busy in the Taylor world.  This weekend Gabe and Amanda were here and it was an amazing weekend.  That about sums it all up.  The boys LOVE their aunt and uncle and it was great for Matt and I having "grown up time" with two of the people we love most.

Saturday Amanda and I took the boys downtown on the bus (which the boys loved).  That evening we had Matt and Gabe's friends from childhood over for a pizza dinner / mellow hangout in the sun.  Sunday we had a mellow morning and then made our way to the beach which was packed!  We sat and watched the seals jumping while throwing rocks into the waves.  That evening Gabe taught the boys to "surf" in the living room on their lego box lid.

What a great weekend.

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