Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bunk Bed Madness!

We are in bunk bed research mode and it's making my brain spin.  We've spent the past day looking at different bed options of which there are many.  Here are a few we're liking right now:
Bunk bed madness!

Notice the giant price differences ...

The couch to bunk kind of cracks me up.  I don't see that one as very safe - you?

I did find one on Craigslist for $260 with delivery, but that always sketches me out a bit.  Then again, a deal is a deal!

Here are our criteria:
  • Modern / contemporary looking
  • Can split into two beds 
  • Doesn't look like 1 big block of wood - we'd like to see the boys' room through the bed 
Ideally we'd get some extra storage potentially a little desk space.

Here are some of my favorite sites for browsing cute kid furniture:
Rafa Kids - a site in the UK that builds custom beds
Posh Tots - a good mix of contemporary and foofoo style furniture
Room & Board - another site with a good mix.  Some of the metal ones look pretty cheap to me, though ...
Land of Nod - some good classics

1 comment:

Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

I only like YLiving, although it is pricey. BobbyBerk doesn't have guard rails (disaster), Target's looks cheesy, Landofnod looks like jail. There must be better used ones out there?