Thursday, January 2, 2014

Bring it on 2014!

What a week (and what a year since it is the season to reflect).  This past week we had a slew of activities and social engagements.  Saturday I made it out for a leisurely 10mi run around Discovery Park and down to the water.  The run was beautiful with fog coasting over the water and very few people on the roads and trails.

Sunday the boys all went rock climbing at the Bouldering Project.  The boys LOVED scaling the walls and showing off for each other and the twin girls we were climbing with.

This week of course brought the change of year.  We made our way to my cousin's house for a very luxurious dinner of steak, lobster, vegetables, great wine, and best of all - amazing company.  We sat around talking, dancing, singing with the kids, talking some more, and then watching the East Coast ball drop until the boys were literally zombies on their feet.

New Year's day I got out early for a short run.  Then, we made our way to Laura and Max's house for another wonderful meal - this time brunch.  After brunch we made our way to Discovery Park to play on the zip line and hike in the woods.  Matt and Max hooked up again later in the day to take the kids golfing.

Looking back, this was a great week.  Moreover (and looking back further), this was a great year that included a job change, trying new sports (like cyclocross), the Big Sur marathon, many bumps and bruises as the boys' energy grew, swim class for the boys, soccer for the boys, Whistler, and much more.  In 2014 we're ready for more sports, more travels, more family adventures here and away, and starting to move forward with our goals of even better financial planning and organizing everything.

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