Friday, January 17, 2014

Sick Boyos

Tis the season to be snotty ... this has been one sick winter!  Last week the boys were out of school the majority of the week with colds.  Wilson had a double ear infection and Cole had a never ending cough.  Both boys also traded off getting seemingly never-ending bloody noses which was horrible - Wilson topped the charts with a 45-min gusher. 

It's heartbreaking with kids are sick and there's not much we can do.  Monday I finally brought both boys to the Dr. - his sentiment "yep, they're sick.  And you're doing everything right."  I just hate that "everything right" doesn't get the cold to go away!  Here's what we did do, though - some did help make the boys feel a bit better.

Ear infection - warm pad on Wilson's ears trading off with a rag soaked in salt water to help his ears drain.  Luckily we were able to avoid antibiotics because Wilson's ear popped (but in a good way - the fluid started draining).

Bloody nose - I have always been taught to tilt the head back, pinch the bridge of the nose, and catch the blood in a tissue.  The Dr. told us for little kids it's different - that they should tip their head over a sink or something and let the blood run out.  Matt tried this with Cole which totally freaked Cole out.

Cough - we cranked the shower to make lots of steam and sat both boys in the bathroom to open up their lungs.

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