Tuesday, January 21, 2014

ReSqueeze = veggies for 4 year olds

It's been quite a battle getting the boys to eat vegetables lately.  Wilson seems to only eat white foods (potatoes, bread, rice ... you get the picture) and Cole only eats brown foods (steak, peanut butter, lentils).  I've been trying to figure out a way to a) combine their collective food choices so they'll both eat both and b) get some fruits and veggies in the mix.  They do OK with bribes (don't think less of me) such as "eat grapes, get to go to the playground," but bribes don't even work for veggies - not even Diego!  I've had some success with "fruit squeezies" - expensive pouches we buy at Whole Foods with fruit and veg pureed in a little squeezable container (I think it's for baby food, but I'm not going to look a gift horse (gift food group) in the mouth).  I was so excited when a rep from ReSqueeze reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try re-usable little pouches.  I replied with a big YES! 

This past week I've been testing out my new ReSqueeze pouches.  We've tried blended fruit and veg mixes such as:
  • Spinach, banana, peach
  • Kale, pear, apple
  • Cucumber, beet, apple, celery - this one was OK until I added ginger and then it was "too spicy"
  • Spinach, blueberry, banana
 I'm going to try a few more with more straight veg ... we'll see how that goes!

Here are some things I love about ReSqueeze:
  • They're re-usable
  • They're based in SF (my hometown so I'm still counting this as a local item)
  • They're made by parents for parents so it's not some 20 year olds sitting in a lab trying to come up with a money maker
Stay tuned for more recipes and a chance to win a ReSqueeze pouch!

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