Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend roundup

Another busy weekend!  My mom has been in town a while and this was her last weekend, so we piled it on!

Friday my mom and I made our way to Queen Anne Olive Oil for some oil tasting and of course buying.  Friday Matt went out for dad's night so the boys, mom, and I hunkered in and made dinner together - it was fun getting the boys to help in the kitchen.

Saturday was a relatively mellow day.  We brought the boys for some (hipster) haircuts and walked around Queen Anne.

Sunday we went to Carkeek for some hiking, train watching, and playing in the sand.


We came home for baseball in our postage stamp sized front yard. 
Sunday wrapped up with all of us walking up to the top of Queen Anne to watch the sunset.

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Lucy Autrey Wilson said...

I love the picture of the 4 of us!!