Friday, August 7, 2009

The baby shift

It seems moms and babies are the "it" things these days. Last week Matt and I were musing about the increasing number of maternity and baby stores - there are three new ones in Union St. (yes, even in the wake of countless other stores and restaurants going out of business). Recently my mom sent me a few articles (NPR and Orpah) on how marteters are targeting mom bloggers to tout products - no wonder all the mom blogs I check out have "my favorite things" almost daily pushing random mommy-must-haves ... wait, I've done that myself! Unfortunately I never got free stuff for my efforts I really did buy the goods.

Here's a fun one for moms and non-moms to take advantage of: "Mani and Nanny" - a Pac Heights nail spa with an on-site nanny who watches your kids behind a 1-way mirror. Today there's a half off deal to take advantage of - my boys are 4-weeks so they're not yet old enough for me to take advantage of the daycare, but you can bet when they hit 6-weeks I'll be in a chair drinking tea and having my feet beautified.

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