Thursday, August 6, 2009

Facial for therapy?

Something happens when I lay down for facials - the past two times it's opened the door for more than I ever wanted to know. Yesterday I left the boys with my mom for an hour (I hate leaving the boys!) to get my "push gift" (Matt gave me a facial as a push gift ... then immediately asked where his "catch gift" was - what a comedian) downtown.

I'll cut to the punchline - about halfway through the facial, my facialist started talking about how she was in an unhappy marriage and got married as a favor. She went on about how her husband could just be mean and his sign (Scorpio on the Libra line) explained that. Then she pointed out I have the same sign (birthday on the sign in sheet) but that as my birthday was 2-days earlier than his, it was probably different. The facial wrapped with me telling her the importance of happiness in life, yadda yadda yadda (on 2-hours of sleep a night I can be surprisingly deep).


A few months back when I was 6-months pregnant, I got a facial and the woman talked at length about how she just had a miscarriage and was in her 40s so really hoped she could have kids.

I guess during facials I'm a captive audience - hence the full (and then some) disclosure. Maybe if I ever leave tech I'll go into therapy ... then again, maybe not.

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