Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Being "mom" stinks ... in the sweetest possible way!

When I was out running today (yes, I've successfully gotten out 4 days in a row - success!) I realized I hadn't brushed my hair or teeth, I hadn't showered or washed my face, and I hadn't done my laundry in over 6-weeks (the time I've had the boys - I've done theirs, just not mine). The good news is I was running alone and the street was filled with French tourists for some odd reason (who smelled much worse than I). Also, I was not donning a dirty shirt as I have hundreds it seems from races and tradeshows, so I sported a JavaOne shirt to tout my geek pride. Teeth, hair, and face aside, the neglected shower is and was the grossest (still gotta shower). Over the course of the morning Cole managed to puke down my pants so I have a nice milk mark cresting my abs and legs, Wilson decided to poop on my while I was changing him instead of pre-change, and Cole wanted to top the puke off with pee all over my arm and hand (which I threw up to block further drenchage). I guess I'll make the end of this blog short as writing that I realize I REALLY do need to shower.

Come home I was greeted by two sleeping angels. After fussing and messing much of the night and morning, Cole and Wilson are in prime form reinforcing why it is so amazingly great to be a mom. I'm happy happy happy ... and stinky. Off I go.


MrsEm said...

Want us to come by at baby sit tonight so you can take a shower? We'd love to.

Valerie said...

I absolutely love this post!! If anyone wants to be prepared to be a mom and love every bit of it, this is the one to pay attention to!

I am so happy for you! I wish that I could stop worrying about my little boys and hope they'll be born healthy.

Amber said...

Valerie - thanks for your note! The less you worry, the healthier you and your little men will be. Enjoy this time being pregnant - and get ready for an awesome ride!!!