Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekend Roundup: Field Trips!

It's been a packed weekend - lots of firsts, and a bit more feeling like a person again (rather than just a cow living on the sofa).

Friday we had a real "grown up" dinner with Rob and Emily:Saturday Ryan and I did brunch (which was a HUGE treat!) - then Ry came over for some girl chat and boy time:Today, the boys met their great Grandparents, great Aunties, and visited with Gma and Gpa Wilson; seeing as we were in Marin, we even dressed them in their "cool" duds - pop collar, coordinated, and everything - we went all out:

Tonight, Courtney brought us an awesome home cooked meal of roast chicken (which she roasted!), green beans, brown rice, caprece salad, and carrot cake (my fav!):
We capped the day off with footprinting the boys:+ a lot of Matt's trying to slow moving feet ... = Wilson and Cole rounded it all out with a staring contest while trying to put off sleep - surely reflecting on their busy weekend:

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MrsEm said...

Cute photos! We loved hanging out with the boys and you on Friday :)