Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby talk

The boys are now a month old. A month old?!! Time is flying and I just can't believe it. They'll be throwing parties in our house and then in college soon. I'll have wrinkles (more) soon. Maybe there'll be a few steps (crawls, tumbles, crashes) in between, but time really is flying.

I have a handful of new favorite things to do now - in order, they are:
  1. Baby cuddles
  2. Watching the boys when they sleep
  3. Walking with the boys
  4. Walking alone (gotta get 10min at least alone daily for my sanity)
  5. Looking at really expensive shoes on eBay and then patting my back when I close the window without buying them (although I never would have bought them before, somehow now saving money is a million times more important than it was when it was just Matt and I)
I had more but my brain just remembered I only slept an hour last night so it canceled the portion of this post that requires memory.

Let's talk about #2 (not the poopy #2 that happens at least 8-10 times a day PER CHILD) - the #2 from the list above. Watching the boys sleep is something pretty amazing.

Grooving and Moving
I don't think they're supposed to be able to turn over completely yet, but these boys really can move. Cole and Wilson now sleep in the same crib and when I went to check on them at 5am this morning (running the 3 feet from our room to theirs answering their beck and call) Wilson was laying vertically just as we had put him, and somehow even in his swaddle Cole maneuvered a horizontal position (maybe he's trying to act our an old Phish song?)

Cooing and Talking
Wilson too likes to move, but not half as much as Cole. His talent is "talking" in his sleep (sorry Wilson's future wife - I think it's adorable and I hope it sticks). I can tell when Wilson hits REM because he cracks a smile, arches back, and begins coocooing and awwing and any number of other sounds. He's like a mini Bobby McFerrin parlaying the sounds of an entire band from one little mouth.

And they wake - back to mommyhood.

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