Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To (not) buy: Mia Bossi Tobey Rootbeer - what I'm craving today

I stumbled on this bag when doing online "window" shopping on Mamas and Munchkins. Since the boys arrived I've been trying to get a lot better about spending money - in fact, browsing my credit card statements the only things I've spent on are groceries, delivery (a must), and diapers. Go me! But my God do these things add up.

So, instead of spend, I'll crave.

It may be dorky, or "so 90s," but I am loving this Mia Bossi hip pack. I've talked hip packs before with a nod to Sex and the City and Cari's infamous Gucci pack, but this one comes with purpose! It's stylie, for those dorky minded like myself, and practical ... if you only have one baby - it holds diapers, some wipes, cell/makeup/money, and a bottle. I think wearing one on each hip would ditch any cool potential so this one was an easy one to talk myself out of it. But I do love it so...

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