Monday, August 3, 2009

Living on caffeine and mommyhood; "training" on empty

(Insert Sheryl Crow's "Everyday is a winding road" song as the soundtrack to this post)

I never realized how much I love(d) sleep ... until I lost it. The boys are on a 2-3 hour eating schedule which looks a little like this:
6am feed > 9am feed > noon feed > 3pm feed > 6pm feed > 9pm feed > midnight feed > 3am feed ...
and repeat! Between each feeding are diapers, puke cleaning, and of course - the best part - cuddles (which make everything totally worthwhile and then some).Our hungry hunters - post-feed (and post-pee on mommy), pre-cuddle.

We occasionally squeeze a walk in and maybe even washing a dish or two; and there are of course the mommy and daddy "feeds" (side-note, I've been eating way more now than I did when I was pregnant). As you can probably guess, this doesn't leave much time for sleeping - a 2-hour "nap" maaaaaaaybe 4-hours when one of us takes feed duty - not much.

Recently I've been thinking of how in the world I'm going to train for the Nike Marathon (which is October 18th). I'm not allowed to workout yet (I just barely got cleared to walk again) so right now it's just the daydreaming and planning phase. This planning came at an ironic time when I read an article in the latest Runner's World on the importance of sleep. My new sleep habits don't really work with this advice. But, there's hope for me - in the print mag this month, there's an interview with Tera Moody - a world class athlete who runs 100 miles a week on only 5hours of sleep a night (BTW, 5hours sounds like such a dream ... ah to dream). Here's an interview she did a few years back for an online reference.

Bottom line - there's hope! Besides knowing others have blazed the sleepless running trail before, I do know that the boys will start sleeping longer.

p.s. contrary to the song, I am not living on nicotine. The caffeine on the other hand, don't even try to take it away.

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