Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hills, and stairs, and stench - oh my!

Well, I got my 6-week clearance! No, I'm not having a big sale. I am, however, allowed to work out again - woot! Now if I only had time ... This weekend time played on my side as Matt and I were both home in the mornings and neither of us had early morning plans (ok ok, we haven't really had plans in some time, but we will again someday). After doing the 6am feeds yesterday and today (Matt does the 3am and I do the 6am - it's nice so we can both sleep ~4 hours) I geared up and headed out for a run while the boys stared at each other and dozed (if they hollered, Matt would jump up and comfort).

I am LOVING being back on the road again. It hurts, I've slowed down a lot, not sure what happened to my breathing or where my pace went ... but being back on the road makes me feel normal again.

Saturday run:
I enjoyed my old loop - down to the water, along the water to Ft. Mason, up the hill to the field, around and home. It seems the homeless population around Ft. Mason has quadrupled with the heat. Ah the sites and sounds of running in SF.

Sunday run:
Up Union St. to Coit Tower, down the Tower stairs to Bay Club, around Levi park and down to the water, along the water to the Ferry Building (where I rocked the Rocky under the arch trying to catch my breath), back through the Financial District, stripper district (Broadway), and North Beach. On the homestretch a bum stopped in front of my sticking his face in mine and attempting a wolf whistle (what came out was a smokey bad breath stench tinged with beer and whisky - nasty nasty - it seems my now GIANT boobs are getting (unwanted) attention, ick).

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Emily said...

Woo hoo! Go Amber!