Wednesday, May 27, 2009

GTT test take 2

Today I had to go in for the 3-hour GTT test (a test for gestational diabetes). When I first heard about gestational diabetes I didn't quite "believe" one's body could have such a problem with sugar just because of being pregnant. After my midwife told us the story of delivering a 14.5lb baby to a woman who only gained 12lbs (the baby was so heavy because of the gestational diabetes) I became a believer. The body does whacky things when pregnant.

I landed a "score" of 157 / 200 on my 1-hour GTT test and the cutoff is 139. I have to admit, I think I flooped the test by having a coffee in the morning - oops!

After arriving at the blood center at 7am, here was the flow:
  • 7:30am (it took the office a while to find the paperwork ... the paperwork I handed them at 7am) blood test
  • 7:45am drink 100mg of glucose water - in the 1-hour GTT test you drink 50mg and it tastes like Orengina - the 100mg variety tastes like pasta syrup straight from the bottle
  • 8:45am blood test
  • 9:45am blood test
  • 10:45am blood test
As soon as my last blood draw was finished, I quickly made my way to Peet's for a coffee and juice - very needed! I get my results Friday - fingers crossed.

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