Monday, May 4, 2009

Gym Daze, Bump Craze

The Lululemon fun runs have wrapped, so today it was my first Monday sans-club. (Side note - ironically enough, this is the first Monday since September that it rained between 6 and 8pm (the times of club)). Off to the gym I went for elliptical and then a quick swim.

I think at the gym people are constantly comparing themselves to fitness goers around them.

On the elliptical:
Me: watching the BBC and reading The Economist (there was no trash TV and I packed The Economist thinking it was Women's Health and Fitness)
Guy next to me: watching MTV and reading People

Fast forward 5min - guy next to me glanced at my entertainment materials and quickly changed channels and closed his mag - hah!

On to swimming:
Emerging from the pool I ran into a group of two other pregnant women. Eyes quickly went from contact and knowing nod to the belly comparison. At this very moment "Baby A" poked his head and bum out the left side of my belly and "Baby B" stuck a foot and elbow out (they thought it was yoga day). Funny.

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jbordewyk said...

I am glad you explained about the Economist....whew....thought we might need to stage an gym reading material intervention session!!