Saturday, May 23, 2009

Surprise work lunch

What a great end to the week - series of baby celebrations! On Friday V and I were walking to Whole Paycheck (Whole Foods) for lunch. On the way there, V crossed the street to check out a new Indian restaurant. Indian food is one of my favs, but on Friday it was not at all - Thursday for dinner we had Indian and I got SO sick I vowed never to eat it again. The scene played out as follows:
V: "I just need to grab a menu"
Me: "I'll wait out here - I can never eat Indian again. Just looking at it I want to throw up in my mouth a little."
V: "Just come for one sec"
Me: "No, really, you don't understand, I can't even walk in the door"
V: "Change of plans - we're eating here!"
Me: "Are you kidding me? Do you want me to die?"
V: (now looking stuck) "No, Amber, really, you have to eat here"
Me: "Huh" (not the brightest at this point)
V: "Reservation for 6"

My co-workers surprised me with a celebration baby lunch! Apparently I'm not good at setting surprises around (they had to reschedule 3 times because I kept having to go to doctor's appointments) nor am I a good recipient (without knowing it I slammed to restaurant choice).

Lunch wound up being terrific and the surprises continued when we got back to the office and V made me head to a conference room where the whole office was waiting with home-made blue cupcakes.

What a fantastic day!!!!!!!!

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