Monday, May 18, 2009

Oh Baby! Weekend round-up - a babylicious time

(My boys love hanging out with Wonder already - every time we going walking or I get to hold him they both stick their heads out (turning my belly into an alien-esque ball))

This weekend was one of baby prep, baby pics, and baby ed. Friday night Matt went to kick up his heels at the Avett Brothers (awesome band if you've never heard of them) and after a quick workout I started organizing the boys' room. We finally bought a dresser so I have a place to stash the 100+ onsies we've accumulated already (these boys will be well dressed!)

Saturday we had a photo shoot - I figure if we're only going to be pregnant once we should capture the moment (and you've seen the extent of our photo journalistic skills - lacking). The shoot was awesome! I'll post photos soon.

Sunday Leanne and I set off for a morning GGRC walk (although I think we were the only GGRCers there as a) it was roasting hot, b) it was Bay to Breakers, and c) it's trail race season so weekends are often filled with trails). I'm loving our Sunday walks because I get some baby training with Wonder and good girl time with Leanne. Sunday evening Matt and I went to Peter and Jill's for "baby training" where they taught us swaddling, bathing, feeding, and Matt "got" to change his first diaper. Their baby is a little angel so he's setting a high bar!

All in all, a great weekend! I'm ready for another ;o)


MrsEm said...

Aww! Jill and Peter are so awesome for giving you a training session. Isn't Cole the best!?

Amber said...

They totally are and Cole is awesome

jbordewyk said...

You look like a natural!! :)