Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend roundup: Baby Shower!

This weekend I enjoyed my very first ever baby shower - it was the first for the twins, and the first I've ever been to. Emily is the party planner extraordinaire and she threw an awesome party. The theme was disco - it takes 2 to make a thing go right (get it - love it!) I tried to pull the "I was born in the '70s" card to give the theme a double dose but I was born in the tail end of '79 so it didn't really fly.

Emily and I in our '70s best:

Cutest decor - onsies and Peepee Teepees (heard of them? I hadn't. Aparently with boys they're a must):

Yummy fondu! Rye and Jill found time to talk between bites (I didn't):

Ended the day with a great cake - had it and ate it, too!


MrsEm said...

Cute pics! I'm so glad you had a nice party. It was my pleasure!

erica said...

found your blog through emily's post, and all i can say is good for you for keeping in shape while pregnant with twins!

i kept jogging until i was 33 weeks, swam and did yoga when i could, and started jogging again at 4 weeks. aside from a bout of 'almost' mastitis (fever, body chills and aches, etc), i've had a ton of energy since day 1. i'd like to think it's due to a healthy diet and exercise throughout the pregnancy and afterward. and boy do i need that energy for my colicky baby!

as for peepee teepees, i use cheap washcloths from ikea. super absorbent and easy to use. i'm not sure those teepees could handle the force of my boy's pee!

Amber said...

Thanks for the note, Erica! That is truly inspiring and a great point on the workout energy carrying over. How old is your baby boy?

L Powder Girl said...

Hi Amber,
Congratulation on the twins! I just was reading emily's blog and realized I knew who the lucky mommy to be was. Good luck on your journey!
Leslie (from Cal Poly dorms)

jbordewyk said...

You look so great! Can't wait for shower #2!

Annie Cat said...

Hi! I found your blog through Runner's World, and as a mom who runs, I had to check it out.

Just needed to say one thing - those peepee-teepees? A complete waste of money. They do not stay on - you're much better off having a washcloth handy to cover the essentials. Our peepee-teepees have all become hats for smurfs.