Thursday, May 7, 2009

Scenes from a locker room: the tell

In movies and on TV you always hear about people having a "tell." In life I think people have a "tell" too - this "tell" evolves as we age.

In the locker room at the Golden Gate Swim and Tennis Club today, this "tell" played out:
Little girl walked in and went straight for the showers > shortly thereafter, the mom came in telling the girl to hurry up and that it was dinner time (it was 6:45pm) > little girl feigns defness > mom says again, louder, to hurry up > little girl emerges from the shower thumb in mouth saying she's "just not ready" > mom asks what's up - why the thumb > little girl pauses ... thinking of a why ... and replies "because you're being mean!"

The "tell"? The thumb, of course, which is the physical "tell" of the culmination of activities. The "tell" meaning? I'm assuming tired and hungry.

People in the workplace have "tells" too:
  • Some people get loud to make a point (I think it's because they're insecure and trying to prove they're in charge)
  • Some people (women) get girly and act dumb (I think it's to try to get their way when they aren't really sure of themselves)
  • Some people give answers and opinions on things they don't know about (I think it's a tell of being "green")
People in "grown-up" life have "tells" too:
  • When I get nervous or uncomfortable, I have to pee (then again, at 7month pregnant I have to pee all the time)
  • Some people tell jokes when they don't know how to appease a situation (these same people often tell jokes instead of shedding tears, too)
  • Some people go silent when confronted with conflict (I think they're unsure of what to do next - silence is actually a smart move, wait for the other parties' "tell")

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