Thursday, May 28, 2009

People watching

Yesterday during my (seemingly-never-ending) blood test, I killed the 3.5 hours of wait time people watching. Doctors offices are always ... interesting ... a little depressing ... and places you kind of want to get in and out of. I think anyhow. The waiting room yesterday was more on the interesting side than anything, though. There were the kids getting their first shots and vaccines (did you know, in San Francisco if you live in a building built before 1940 and have kids, the babies need a blood test at 15mo for lead poisoning), there were people dropping off their "samples" in brown paper bags to nurses who looked less than pleased, there were the other mom's to be, etc.

One family that intrigued me was the fam with twin boys.
The twins:
I caught myself staring at twin 2.5 year old boys running around the waiting room. One would grab a pile of magazines, the other would grab them and put them back. One would jump up and down, the other would rock side to side. One got sleepy and sat down, the other ran a few laps around the room and came to sit with his brother. The most entertaining was when they got ahold of a plastic glove, blew it up like a balloon, and started playing kick ball missing the glove with each kick attempt.

The mother figure:
After staring for an obscene amount of time, I went over to ask who I thought was the mom how old they were. She gave vague answers about age, their doctor, and other fun facts on raising twins. About an hour later (seems they had a lot of testing to do, too) she came over and whispered in my ear "Sorry I'm being so vague, I'm the foster mom. That's (while pointing) their mom."

The mom:
The mom was a young beautiful woman. I didn't hear her say a single word but when she picked up the boys she glowed. She would pick up a boy, put him on her lap, read, and then put him on the floor. On to the next - she'd pick up the brother, put him on her lap, read, and then put him on the floor. After going through this routine twice it seemed she needed a break as she left for about a half an hour.

The helper:
A third woman was there helping rally the boys.

The social worker:
About halfway through the appointment a social worker showed up. I'm not quite sure why she was there - she watched the boys, the mom, and the foster mom for a bit, pulled the foster mom aside to chat, and then said "good job" to all and left.

What a scene.

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