Wednesday, April 1, 2009

23 weeks pregnant with twins - and booming!

It's official - I'm bulbous. Not quite sure how more is going to fit in here in the coming months (or how I'll stretch to accommodate more), but I'm becoming the amazing expanding woman. I can now feel the boys moving around and kicking all the time - sometimes, one boy's head will poke out the left side of my belly and the other will poke out the right side - the two bumps look like a belly butt! I dig it.

As I'm now nearly 6-months, I've decided to partay! Ok... April fools, it's an O'Douls:

Bigger belly, frizzier hair:

Ariel view:


Matt is growing, too:


Kristen said...

Cute pics! You look really good!

Krafty said...

You look so fantastic! Can't wait to see your belly tomorrow...and your hair!!

Ryan said...

You look amazing! Love the pics!