Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sometimes you need a nudge: the power of the personal trainer

For the past 10 or so years I've had the same workout (give or take a run):
30-minutes cardio (run or elliptical)
3 sets of 15# free weight curls
3 sets of 15# free weight bench presses
3 sets of 15# free weight pulls
3 sets of 15# free weight extensions
50-100 situps

When I started running more I'd skip the weights and just do 1-2 hours of running outside with the occasional plank thrown in for core.

Intro - twin pregnancy - no running, no bench press. Upon joining the Bay Club I swapped running for swimming, spin, and yoga - love that trio! But I still want core and more arms (I do not want my warm wabbling after me as I wave the kids off or high five a fellow runner). Yesterday I took advantage of one of the free Bay Club training sessions - in a word, rad.

The trainer introduced me to:
Varied plank - with leg extensions
Lunges with weights but with the added twist of a step-up block and doing curls for each step
Kinesis machines for more launches and squats with weights
Free weight presses on the bosu ball starting with 15 reps and then alternating arms to work core
Assisted pull ups
Lateral push ups
"Lawn mowers" on the kinesis machine
Closed out with stretching (I threw in a quick swim before the stretch)

I had been exhausted rolling into the gym and not much looking forward to someone telling me what to do. Leaving I felt re-energized, gym-high, and sore - the good kind.

I guess new really can be good!

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