Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My heart hurts - no love

Walking home tonight, I was weaving up Union Street and was struck by an initial feeling of joy and then socked in the heart. A little boy was running up and down the hill around an apartment doorway giggling and screaming with joy. He kicked his legs up higher and higher and waved his arms more and more seemingly elated to be playing withe someone. As I neared, I noticed a man standing in the doorway looking the opposite way as the little boy (when the boy's joyful strides brought him in front of the man, the man turned his head) and smoking a cigarette (to add to the pile below). As I proceeded up the hill and closer to this odd scene, I noticed the boys joyous jumps seem to wilt. After I passed the scene and was further up the hill, I heard a gurgled pained sound and turned to look back - the boys giggles turned to guttural cries and he was sitting in front of the doorway staring up imploring the man to look at him. His joy and eagerness to play turned to sorrow as he was being ignored. Then the cries stopped and the boy just sat there.

So sad.

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