Thursday, April 2, 2009

Take it and Run Thursday: Ode to My Running Shoes

Ode to My Running Shoes. Runners are crazy about their running shoes. We know your friends and family stopped being interested in hearing you talk about your running shoes about six pairs ago, but your fellow runners just can't get enough. Tell us about your favorite running shoes, why you bought them, why you love them and what they do for your running. Only one catch - you need to do it in the same number of words as the dollars it took to buy them.

We've had the best of times, we've had the worst of times
Running shoes, we've done it all
We've run, walked, and limped through Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall

Nike Air Max Triax, my heart was once with you
But when you turned all retro, I turned to another shoe

Saucony, you housed my first orthodic
But around cushion, support, sole, and look, you weren't so melodic

New Balance got me through the Bend Marathon - I never thought I'd walk again
But the weight and price weren't appealing, so I let my NB's dim

Mizuno oh Minzuo, the good times we have had
Your sexy shoe felt good, but my podietrist said you were too bad

ASICS, how I love you - on trails, road, and gym floors - a shoe, a friend, and more
Bi-monthly I get a new pair at the store (store being Sports Basement where I only have to drop $60 :) )

Under Armour you bolted in, like a running ray of light
I toggle you and my Asics for training and racing plight

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merrymishaps said...

Love it. Sounds like you've tried them all!