Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Running Resources

There are SO many running resources out there, I decided to do a little digging and make a list of my favs. I've posted a version of this list before, but it can't hurt to post a friendly reminder.

Without further ado, here they are:
Training: - I log my workouts here and it helps keep me going! Think Facebook for athletes.

When I start training for the Nike marathon, I'm going to follow the Halhigdon program - I figure by then I'll need some structure.


Race organizations:

  • great online website for finding all kinds of events

  • Dolphin South End Running Group: also a running group as you can guess from the name. Coordinate races nearly every week often as fundraisers. I'm always in awe when I see these runners around the city and the hills of Marin - a handful are in their 80s and would leave me at the starting line in most races.

  • Envirosports: awesome trail races around the year. The races are rather informal and the prize is a rubber chicken. At the start of each race the director gathers all runners to sing America the Beautiful. Prices vary but come in around $30 - less if you don't get a shirt.

  • PCTR: some of my favorite trail races. Courses are typically well marked, well stocked with water, and well cheered. The coordinators are ultra-marathon runners so, needless to say, the crowd that shows up are on the intense side.

  • The Schedule: similar to but a little easier to navigate.

Races of note:

  • Bay to Breakers: I realize this isn't a race organization, but this is an event to look forward to year after year. It's a 12k through the city - some people run it, some drink it, some wear costumes, some wear ... none, everyone has fun. I have my costume planned already for this year: a white t-shirt with "I'm not naked ... but they are!"

  • Dipsea: hands down one of my favorite races in the Bay Area. Also one of the harder ones to get in to. You need to apply the day this race opens and practically drive the application and check to the house of the race organizer - first come, first serve. Then, a lotto to get in.

  • Healdsburg Half: Last year was the first year of this race and I placed 3rd in my age group! It was a gorgeous race with free wine tasting at the end. Yum.

  • Napa to Sonoma Half: a great mid-summer race that occurs in July. Also, a great excuse to wine taste after running. Beautiful race through vineyards, a great (huge) metal at the finish, and typically good weather.

  • Turkey Trot: similar to Bay to Breakers - aka, not an organization, but a race. A great fun race. A short race (only 5k). This was the run that inspired me to start running again.
Running Clubs:

  • Dolphin South End Runners - the oldest running club in the citySaturdays at 8:15am at Kennedy Dr. in Golden Gate parkWednesdays at 7:15pm in Woodside. Races nearly every weekend (including the famed Double Dipsea)

  • Excelsior Run Club (New Balance) - offers training and race info. Tuesdays at 6pm at Kezar, Saturdays and Sundays long runs in various locations

  • Fleet Feet Sports - offers training programs and fun runs. Tuesdays at 6pm at the store on Chestnut

  • Golden Gate Running Club (GGRC) - the group I run with and adore
    Sundays at the warming hut at Chriss Field at 10am for long runs
    Wednesdays at Kezar Stadium at 7pm for track workouts. I'm walking with them now but can't wait to hit the trails again.

  • K-Stars - from what I hear, a more intense group - great runners
    Saturdays at 9am in Golden Gate Park
    Thursdays at 6:30pm at Kezar Stadium

  • Marathon Matt - a genius in marketing himself, offers training programs

  • Nike Running club - great running club when it's NOT Nike Marathon training (the marathon training is too overwhelming the first few weeks) Saturdays at 8am at Little Marina Green, Wednesdays at 6:30pm at Niketown

  • Pac West - offers great training programs and bootcamps

  • Pamakid Runners - a spinoff of Dolphon Running Club. I'll be honest on this one, I found them on Google (never heard of them). GREAT running tools available on their site. Thursdays at 6:30pm at Kezar Stadium

  • Presidio RX - a casual run club
    Mondays at 6:30pm at the Palace of Fine Arts (always a 5mile loop)
    Wednesdays at 6:30pm at Presidio Gate (4-6miles)

  • San Francisco Road Runner's Club - great for training for specific races
    Training is broken down by race runners are targeting

  • See Jane Run - training programs for running and tris

You know what's missing from this list? A mommies running group ... or hybrid run club with training for "making a comeback" ... or ... hm, thoughts are a brewin'!

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