Monday, April 13, 2009

Runners are the new "black"

Even though I can't run right now (insert poor me voice ... but the trade off is very worth it) I'm still leading the Lululemon fun runs on Mondays at Lululemon on Union Street and I LOVE it! Weekly I get to meet up with a group of 8-12 local runners to give running tips (like if you're going to race on hills, train on hills (you'd be surprised how many runners forget this tid bit)) and routes - typically one flat and one hills. Besides loving to see the progression of new runners and seasoned runners, I love "hanging" with ... you guessed it - runners!

I hinted at this with my running group post, but runners truly are a different breed - they've got soul / sole (?) Here are some cross overs I've been realizing lately from the running world to the "real world":
  • Need a beer? Runners are some of the most fun people to go drinking with - after a hard race or training run, there's nothing like throwing back a cold one. (Don't worry - my "throw back" is on hold)
  • Need mommy advice? Running moms are - well, hard core. They've done it all from races to delivery and are great with advice.
  • Like to talk shop? I'm always amazed by the brains I run into and with on the trails - I think there's something about the mindlessness of running (or forced mind break) that attracts corporate mucky mucks.
  • Feeling trendy? Running seems to be taking over Hollywood with stars doing marathons and triathlons.
In a nutshell, I think runners just have it. That little bit of craziness, heart, and soul/sole (a lot of sole actually).

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