Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Yoga changed my week - from downward dog, to upward week

I haven't taken yoga in a while. For some reason I have a mental block where I think I'm going to get bored in class. The reality is if the teacher is good, and mine tonight was rad (Kerri Kelly taught - she specializes in yoga for runners among other things), class flies by.

Tonight I decided to do yoga to counter all the work I've been doing in spin and channel my energy into being happy about my growing body. I think the boys loved class, too, because they were doing somersaults and kicking the entire time.

After 90-minutes of stretching and breathing I walked out a taller, more energized, and happier athlete.

Here's why I think yoga is so beneficial for mom's to be:
  • Practiced breathing
  • Worked posture
  • Worked core without crunches
  • Stretched legs / joints / muscles (read, reduce water retention)
  • A million other reasons
Here's why I think yoga is so beneficial for runner's:
  • Lengthen the muscles we work so hard to tighten
  • Work breathing (read, at mile 20 when you start hyperventilating because you "just can't do it" you take a deep breath and realize you can)
  • Prevent injuries
  • A million other reasons

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