Monday, April 20, 2009

Money Saver Monday: Specials

With marketers trying to capitalize on the economy problems and companies always trying up up net new leads, specials are in abundance.

Last week Emily turned me on to San Francisco's "Spa Week" where a handful of spas offered $50 massages and facials. Yes, one could argue that the true money saver would be to skip the massage or facial, but really I think an investment in self-pampering goes a long way and ultimately helps save more (sanity!)

Spa week has ended but with the summer kicking in (and the 90 degree heat in San Francisco proving that) there are many more specials to come.


MrsEm said...

Did you have a good time?

Amber said...

It was interesting - I learned her life story ... I think pregnancy makes others feel more open to talk about everything. But I'm super glad I went!! Thanks for turning me on to this.