Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekend roundup: hiking and shopping and clubbing - oh my!

It was quite a busy weekend! We've been out of town or had out-of-towners in for the past few months and this weekend we were both relieved to be in San Francisco seeminly plan-less. The "seemingly" is the key term here! Friday we raced off to Sports Basement for a GGRC 20% off sale (I LOVE Sports Basement), then went from sale to sale and landed at a SF Parents of Multiples members only sale. We accrued quite the baby pile with a tub, bottle warmer, books, snugglies, and things I've never heard of for cheap - rad!

Saturday brought a mellow day with another jaunt to the SF Parents of Multiples sale (this time it was too overwhelming) then a long walk with Matt and Linz. Linzy and I have both been on the hunt for inexpensive desks so we stopped in every furniture store around - some more ... eclectic than others.

Wrapping up our adventure, Matt and I explored a hidden San Francisco street (there are tons!) and found secret gardens and amazing views galore.

Saturday night brought clubbing! I haven't been clubbing since studying in London (and boy did Rye and I club - a past life). Matt and I bussed it over to Bambudha Loung to celebrate Jamie on her bday.

It was a bit funny being that pregnant lady in the club, but another pregnant girlfriend was there too - phew!

Post club Matt and I did a little comparison over who was more full - I think I'm winning here.

Today brought more walking and a loooooooong nap. You know, I think I'll take another!

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