Tuesday, April 21, 2009

5 Questions with Michelle Aguilar: Season 6 'The Biggest Loser' winner

Can you imagine being trapped in your own body? Or feeling like you can't control your body? Yesterday I had the pleasure of speaking with 'The Biggest Loser' winner, Michelle Aguilar who went from 242 pounds to 110 pounds (a 45.45% weight-loss) over the season. While she lost 132 pounds total, Michelle gained a lot more - she gained insight into herself and her relationships with friends, family, and food.

Michelle's story is one of personal victory and is truly inspiring - and not just on a "diet" or food level.

"Being on the show made me peel back layers of myself," said Michelle about how she became empowered to lose all the weight. "I'm now more atonable to feelings and have better relationships with myself, my family and friends, and food."

I hope you find Michelle's tips as inspiring as I do. I'm not trying to lose weight, mind you, but health and sense of self are something we all need occasional reminders on. Here are five questions that give a look into Michelle's journey:

What motivated you to get on the show, and stick with it?
As a woman, the idea of standing on a scale on national TV in a sports bra and shorts was not appealing. That said, I needed something dynamic - I was at a point where I wasn't feeling good and wasn't healthy but didn't know how to change. I had been watching 'The Biggest Loser' and knew the show was about changing the relationship with food and weight - not just about losing weight. My wonderful family and friends helped me stay on track. Before the show, I had a great support network, but I never knew how to tap into that network; I felt like I was inconveniencing people asking for help or venting about a bad day. Instead of turning to people as an outlet and network, I turned to food.

You came a long way on the show and had to workout for 6-8 hours a day. What are your workouts like now?
I'm a cardio girl - I know how to listen to my body and what it responds to, now, and I know that cardio is 'it.' I'm hooked on the elliptical, spin, and the treadmill. I'll be honest - I don't LOVE getting on the machine for a workout, but with good music or a good show on to help me through the workout, I know I can stick with it. More than sticking with it, I know if I finish a workout I'll feel better in the end.

I mix strength training in with the cardio - I like low resistance so I don't bulk up too much.

You mentioned good music helping get through a workout - what's on your playlist right now?
  • All American Rejects: Move Along
  • Beyonce: I'm a Diva
  • Jason Mraz: I'm Yours
Obviously a healthy diet goes hand-in-hand with a good workout routine - what are your "super-foods"?
My #1 go-to is Milk - it is packed with everything I need to stay energized and healthy. I've also learned to love "real foods" like fruits and vegetables. I always keep snacks like fruit or nuts in my bag so I don't get to the point of being overly hungry - I know if I get to that point I'll eat poorly.

With this new healthier diet, what are your tricks for going out to restaurants?
I always remind myself that it's my food, my body, and my money. When I'm eating out I'm a bit high maintenance - I make my food choices based on what I know is good for me and what my body needs, not what I think will be easier for others (like the waiter).

I've also really learned to watch my portions. In the past, if a huge plate of food were put in front of me I'd eat it all because I felt like I was supposed to. Now I eat normal portions and only eat what I need - then I either box up the rest or get rid of the plate so I don't graze.

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Kristen said...

I love Michelle! How did you get to meet her?

Amber said...

They reached out and asked if I'd like to do an interview - I jumped at the chance! She's so nice and it was fun interviewing her because it wasn't just about weight, but about changing mindset