Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First freak out

I’ve been spotting and have a terrible headache. I’m not sure if the headache is from lowing my coffee intake or what. I’ve also gained 3 pounds (!!!) in the past week. I think it’s all water and I hate it – I’m now a size D, puffy puff pants, and dreading the expanding waistband.

I went to a new Dr. today to check on the spotting. Apparently, 20% of pregnant women spot. Of these, 20% miscarry. I’ll know in another few weeks when I go back for another checkup – until then, I’m scared. The Dr. said to slow down on the running (walk or swim), keep eating well, and not stress.

One very exciting, fun, scary thing during the appointment – the Dr. did an ultrasound on my stomach – on the tiny screen next to the bed, I saw a little blip blip blip – a heartbeat!

Oh – and we have a due date! July 24th – wowowow!

Some tips for avoiding headaches that have worked for me, or aleviating them, during pregnancy:
  • Drink water - lots of it
  • Drink coffee but only 1/2-caf (I'm a coffee fanatic - I used to drink a pot a day so trying to stay under 300mg of caffein is near impossible)
  • Go for a run or walk - when stress sneaks up, try to get rid of it

Tips from the "experts":

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