Friday, December 19, 2008

To do: Abs

Abs are an often forgotton place in pregnant women. Yes, of course, they're aware of the bump growing in front (for the sake of full disclosure, being in my 1st tri I don't yet have the bump) but abs get forgotten in prenatal workouts. Abs and ab muscles are important, though, for the duration of pregnancy, labor, and getting one's body back.

Fit pregnancy chronicles a few great stretches for the middle (their direction is much better than mine, but here's the crux):

  • Sit in a chair and do knee lifts to engage the abdomine

  • Get on hands and knees table style and suck in

  • Modified crunch on pillows or the floor

I also like using the weighted ball to do side twists as well as the bosu ball for modified crunches. Really, anything that isn't causing too much pulling or preasure on the middle part but is still giving a good stretch and focussing on the sides of the abs is good in my book.

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