Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pregnant lady yoga

Today I decided to take hot vinaysina yoga at Crunch after work. Although I can run, I can barely touch my knees let alone toes. When I got to the class, because it was a hot one, I asked the instructor if it was OK for pregnant women to take it. “Yes, just as long as you feel ok.” Good.

Throughout the class was a little embarrassing, though. Being 1-month pregnant I feel like I’m not really allowed to say “I’m pregnant” – I don’t look any different. The teacher was awesome, though, for poses that made me twist in odd angles or put too much compression on my stomach, she showed me new poses.

  • Instead of the twisted star, I did the regular star
  • Instead of the boat pose, I did boat on my side
  • Instead of holding crunch sit-ups with a block between my knees, I did cross legged bow

Loved it. Can’t wait until the next class.

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