Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To do: eat this not that

I have always tried to eat healthfully, but now that I'm carrying twins I'm even more of a label looker. I've browsed the books listing what not to eat and what is OK but some things are still missed. For over a year I've been a huge fan of Kombucha - a drink by Synergy that's made from fermentation. The f word in that beverage should have been telling enough, but I've still be enjoying the bitter drinks.

Today my co-worker, who kindly calls this favored drink of mine "foot juice" came across an article about Synergy where a pregnant woman commented how scared she is because a) she drank it throughout her pregnancy and b) it has .5% alcohol in it (this was news to me). I had to play it off like "eh - I'm not worried" because no-one at work knows yet, but I'm worried.

I think the reality is we truly should stick to our parents and grandparents diet - what we've learned now is that fermented this and raw vegan that are the right choices. They might be but I'm partial to the eat-what-makes-you-feel-good and what you want to pass to baby thinking.

I hope I didn't ferment my twins :)

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