Monday, December 22, 2008

To do: Buy a Sigg - whatch for plastic plastic all around

I love water - bottled water, tap water, filtered water, water on the side of a trail race - you name it! I also try to reuse as much as possible. For the past few year's I've been buying an Evian and refilling the bottle for a week or two until it's time to buy a new bottle (typically when I lose the predecessor). About 6-months ago I was told this is a big "no no" as those plastic bottles can be bad and I invested in a Nalgene. Fast forward two months and Nalgenes are no nos as they're not BPA free. Ugh! So I invested in a SIG and BPA free Nalgene (one for work and one for home). I'm sure new research will come out soon that this too needs to change.

Plastic problems don't just end with water bottles. Baby toys and bottles can be harmful, too, I've come to learn (something I didn't need to study until now). Now I'm learning that some plastic toys, bottles, and pacifiers can be toxic! Ee! Just what we need, something else to worry about. The good news is there are hundreds of new products coming out every day based on research.

What I keep diverting back to to alleviate some of my over-analyzing of what-ifs is "what did our parents do." For the most part we turned out OK - bottom line, I think more stress = more problems.

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