Sunday, December 21, 2008

Speechless ... the twins

For some reason my chest continues to be the topic of conversation at work. No-one knows yet, I think, but I've been getting more and more comments on my ever expanding chest. As if women weren't self conscious enough already - the last thing we need is co-workers pointing and talking. Today a co-worker commented "you really are big!" then proceeded to reach out and grab (yes grab - as in HR nono) me. Odd.

Here's an etiquette rule of thumb - if someone is not already talking about their own body (shape/size/whatever) don't be the one to bring things up. When in doubt, sh.

The "twins" that my co-worker loves to point out, though, are getting to be a problem with my wardrobe. I've now grown out of non-mommy bras and had to restock. I looked around at my fav high end stores but wound up at Gap - great prices, great fit.
p.s. image courtesy of "Ms. Manners" on Amazon - when in doubt, ask the experts. My mom read me this book when I was a kid and the lessons (i.e. don't grab a co-workers boob) stuck.

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