Monday, December 22, 2008

To do: Bar Method

I just had another Dr. checkup - 9 weeks and going strong - and was told to "stay mellow." In other words, I can't race and I can't workout too hard - the racing is the one that's the hardest for me. I love to run. More than just running I love the adrenalin rush of standing at the starting line of a 25k trail race and then the feeling of accomplishment tumbling down some hillside finishing the race. But, it's time to do what I need to and that is take it easy (Dr's orders).

Since I've been side-lined from running, I've been trying to get more into yoga and stretching. My favorite class/workout? Bar Method. I did Bar Method 3-years ago for a month before our wedding and I've never felt so energized or fit. Now, I've started doing the ballet/pilates fusion and I'm feeling accomplished but not too overworked. Simply perfect.
p.s. no, that is not me. I can't get my leg over my alternate knee let alone my hip.
p.p.s. new due date! August 4th, 2009 we will welcome 2 little runners to the world.

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Bar Method's Camera-Ready Body said...

Don't forget that Bar Method has a new Mom's special which you can get within 9 months of having your baby! It's 3 months for a really low price. In the meantime, you can read Burr's blog for amazing cool information on fitness.
Best, Mimi