Sunday, June 21, 2009

Elliptical for cross training?

I love the elliptical machine. Lately my workouts have been toggling between spin, swimming, and the elliptical + weights. The elliptical boasts a high calorie burn and great distance which is terrific and motivating ... but it's not the same as running. Here's my take:

Positives of training on the elliptical:
  • Low impact - read, no damage to knees
  • Easy to "zone" to - the elliptical is the best TV watching cardio machine at the gym
  • Can control resistance and climb much like a treadmill
Negatives of training on the elliptical:
  • It's just not the same as running! I wouldn't be comfortable training solely on the elliptical and then entering a trail race - if running a race it's important to train on the terrain you're running on
  • I don't buy the calorie count - I love seeing the numbers climb, and I'm sure they're close, but without knowing VO2 capabilities, height, weight, etc. I don't understand how burn can be calculated
  • Good for the booty, not so much for the calves - running gives awesome legs (I think), the elliptical gives a high bum, tight thighs, but only soso calves

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