Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Tasty Tuesday: Pregnancy with gestational diabetes

Yesterday, while finishing a mouthful of delicious peanut M&Ms, I got a call from my doctor saying I have gestational diabetes (GD). Bummer! I thought I was immune - I workout, try to eat well (fruit and yogurt for breakfast, salad for lunch, salad and chicken for dinner with the occasional candy thrown in), but my body decided I need to improve my habits (aka, ditch the M&Ms).

So this tasty Tuesday is not so sweet, but still delicious ...

New favorite breakfast? Greek yogurt - specifically Fage. This is great with granola, fruit (but not too much), sugar free jam, and on it's own.

Bottom line - YUM!

If anyone else is facing GD, here's a handy food list someone sent me:

Good Choices:
All meats and seafood
Most Veggies (carrots and sweet potatoes are naturally sweet)
Small amounts of whole wheat pasta, lentils, quinoa
Greek Yogurt (Fage) from Trader Joes has the lowest sugar of any yogurt on the market
Almonds (very good)
Thin sliced whole grain bread
Any fruit the size of a medium apple (this size = 15 carbs)
Small whole grain crackers
Cottage cheese

Not Good Choices:
White bread, rice, potatoes
Anything breaded or coated
Juice (choose whole fruit over juice)
Chips, pretzles, candy, ice cream, dessert of any kind of pastries

Obviously, doctor knows best, and I'm off to see a maternity diabetes dietitian tomorrow. Here's a good site for extra GD research, too: http://www.diabeticmommy.com/34-gestational-diabetes-diet.html.


jbordewyk said...

Try Agave for a natural sweetner. It has a lower GI index so it is a better choice for those with diabetes. I buy the raw form from Whole Foods and use it in place of sugar now. This is also a good practice after you have the boys!

Krafty said...

Good thinking Jamie! I have Agave in my coffee each morning. Sorry to hear that news Amber! No more candy store runs on Polk street for you!!