Tuesday, June 16, 2009

More doctors: nonstress test

As the weeks pile on, so do the doctor visits. My doctor mix is now made up of the following:
  • Weekly nonstress tests
  • Every other week regular midwife check-ins
  • Every other week dietitian check-ins
  • Monthly ultrasounds
The nonstress tests are the newest addition to the lineup and are ... a bit boring to be honest. Today was my first and here's how it went - after showing up at CPMC (for what seems like the 100th time this month) I had a quick ultra. It was too quick, unfortunately, to see the boys - and they're getting so big it's tough to see them anyhow. After the ultra I was strapped in to 3-heartrate monitors to check the boys' heartrates - the monitors were hooked up to a machine tracking heart beats/second. Over the course of the next 25-minutes, the boys fell asleap (dropping their heartrate to around 120) and started moving (spiking their heartrate to 150+).

I need to preface this with I don't know exactly what the numbers mean but the nurse practitioner said that I was in the normal range - normal is perfect for me!

You can learn more about nonstress tests on BabyCenter.com.

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